Aerys – Tab Manager 1.5.13 Crack

Aerys - Tab Manager 1.5.13 Crack

Aerys – Tab Manager 1.5.13 for Windows

Aerys - Tab Manager 1.5.13 Crack

Navigate through multiple tabs more easily, sort them by website and ‘burn’ any rebellious ones, like any decent mad king, with this nifty Chrome extension

If you are like me, you often find yourself opening a dozen or more tabs when browsing the web or working on various projects. After a certain point, finding specific pages becomes almost impossible, but there are ways to make your life easier.

One of them is Aerys – Tab Manager, a Chrome extension designed to help you organize large numbers of tabs during your browsing sessions. It gives you an overview of your opened tabs, sorts them based on domain and lets you close unnecessary ones with very little effort.

Find the tabs you need with the help of the Mad King himself

After installing the extension, you can just continue browsing as usual. However, once you have opened a certain number of tabs, you will notice the pot displayed in the Chrome menu gradually filling up with wildfire. The icon’s color changes based on tab width, and a tab count is also displayed.

If browsing becomes difficult, you can bring up the tab list by clicking the extension’s icon. You will see that all pages are sorted based on domain, and it is much easier to find the tabs you are looking for when their titles are no longer visible.

Organize your tabs or use the power of wildfire to burn them all

Whenever you are done with a particular website, you can close every tab related to that domain with a single mouse click. Of course, individual tabs can also be closed, and groups can be expanded or collapsed easily.

Not only that, but Aerys – Tab Manager also allows you to change the order of tabs with drag and drop actions. Naturally, you cannot move entire groups, and pinned tabs can only be moved amongst themselves.

Recently closed tabs are also displayed, and you can re-open any of them easily if you find that you have need of them again.

Useful Chrome extension for those who need some help managing multiple tabs

I would like to say that this extension is handy, but Aerys II Targaryen did not have a great track record with his appointed Hands. Instead, I will simply say that Aerys – Tab Manager is an invaluable addition to Chrome for users who frequently need to manage numerous tabs.

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