AdiIRC 2.9 Crack

AdiIRC 2.9 Crack

AdiIRC 2.9 for Windows

AdiIRC 2.9 Crack

Nifty IRC client that includes plenty of servers and channels to connect to and offers the possibility to exchange files with friends

Communication using the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) requires a client that can make the connections between the user and thus facilitate the transfer of information.

AdiIRC is such a client, complete with servers and support for plug-ins in order to increase its default functionality.

The installation procedure is fast and uneventful. As soon as launched, the application prompts for providing details for quick connection to a server.

These include the nick and an alternative, selecting one of the available servers and the connection port. There is also the possibility to auto-join a specific channel. Connecting to the server is done in a jiffy.

Plenty of communication servers, DCC support

You can communicate with the users available in the right had part as well as share files with them, thanks to DCC (Direct Client-to-Client) protocol support.

Multiple servers can be opened at the same time and they are available in tabs in the upper part of the application window.

AdiIRC includes a sufficient number of server to find someone to talk to but it also allows adding your own.

Hefty set of configuration options

Configuring the application is a straightforward job if you are already familiar with this sort of applications. There are options for applying visual customizations as well as for starting the application, logging the communication or setting up alerts for different events.

Moreover, the developer included settings for attempting automatic reconnection when the link to the server is interrupted.

Versatile and easy to use IRC client

IRC clients may not be too popular but AdiIRC does provide a nifty list of settings worth checking out. It is simple and comes with a predefined list of servers that can be expanded by the user.

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