Active Query Builder .NET Edition Activation key

Active Query Builder .NET Edition Crack

 Active Query Builder .NET Edition Activation key

NET component for building and executing SQL queries, wrapped up in a user-friendly interface and featuring support for multiple Visual Studio versions

Active Query Builder .NET Edition is a visual component for WinForm and ASP.NET environments that provides you with all the necessary tools to building complex SQL queries visually via a user-friendly graphical interface. It can be integrated with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Build and execute SQL queries

Since it renders all SQL features, ranging from simple statements to sub-queries and unions, the component helps you to create and build full-featured programs to retrieve data from almost any database.

Because of the useful and intuitive options and well-organized menus, it is a perfect solution for both SQL beginners and experienced query writers, as well. The main interface of Active Query Builder .NET Edition is sectioned in three panels, one for displaying the used expressions and objects, one for listing all the tables and columns and the last one for showing the selected tables in a graphical environment.

Gets integrated with SQL Server, Oracle, Access and others

The component can be used with MS SQL Server, Oracle and Access, as well as with databases through OLE DB and ODBC drivers, providing you with a straightforward method of running SQL statements, building queries and editing metadata.

By embedding Active Query Builder .NET Edition into your database applications, you can get full control over tables, queries, expressions and objects. Because of the integrated Explorer, you are able to navigate through all the necessary components with ease.

Dependable query builder for developers

The demo application allows you to test the component and view how it actually works. All you have to do is to connect to a specific database and start building the desired queries – so even novice users can work with it. You are able to insert new objects, derived tables and even table expressions, add descriptions for fields, re-arrange objects according to the subject area and insert custom nodes.

In closing, Active Query Builder .NET Edition proves to be a steady component that comes in handy for developers, database administrators and even for beginners who need to build, execute and parse SQL queries.

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