Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition Crack

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition Crack

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition

 Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition Crack

Build complex SQL queries by turning to this visual SQL query building .NET-ready ActiveX component that provides users with several handy tools

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition is a software solution that was designed to help users build advanced SQL queries in an effortless manner, by making use of the “drag and drop” interface.

The component lets users analyze, parse and modify any SQL query in a programmatically manner. The various features it consists of makes it possible that users can combine text SQL query editing with visual query building.

Among its capabilities, users can find SQL-specific ones, including grouping, filtration and sorting of data, table joining and SQL query-building features, along with unions and sub-queries. The visual component enables users to add tables or fields as easy as dragging and dropping them. Also, sub-queries can be designed in separate tabs and users can preview the results.

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition enables users to modify the query building environment. Object names can be modified to more descriptive ones, in order to reduce confusion. More so, unnecessary objects can be removed or added accordingly. Objects can also be grouped, for a more efficient identification.

Metadata can be managed effectively by saving it to XML and loading it whenever needed. Metadata rules can also be modified to fit the needs of the users better. Loading metadata can be done without establishing a connection to the database every time.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Dialect only

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