Acronis Storage 2.2.0 crack

Acronis Storage 2.2.0 crack

Acronis Storage 2.2.0 (2150) for Windows

Acronis Storage 2.2.0 crack

A professional-grade storage solution that helps you turn workstations into a secure location for large data amounts, all without a significant investment in network storage equipment

Companies gather incommensurable amounts of data that needs to be stored securely and to become available quickly whenever required. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the demand for performant and accessible storage solutions is growing.

While reliable, RAID arrays or storage area networks are both expensive and difficult to manage. Acronis comes with a software alternative that is meant to be easier to handle while not drilling a hole in a company’s budget.

Low-cost storage alternative to storage area networks or NAS devices

Acronis Storage deploys a disk image that enables you to create a bootable media, which, in turn, can be used to transform commodity hardware into a professional-grade storage solution without substantial investments.

Data can be kept in two storage types, namely the scalable Amazon S3 object storage service and the iSCSI block storage for databases and virtualization. Details about how to access the S3 buckets and iSCSI targets are provided in the extensive documentation of Acronis Storage.

Deploy storage components on all the servers in your cluster and a single management panel

Setting up the storage infrastructure requires you to build a thorough plan of the hardware configuration of the storage servers and networks. For a better experience, it is advisable you do not use dynamic IP addresses or simply set up IP allocations via DHCP.

There are two components Acronis Storage comes with, namely the management panel and the storage. To connect all the servers and build a cluster, you must install a single management panel and then obtain a token required to deploy the storage component on all the other servers in your architecture.

Fast operations and robust data security

Besides from being able to store large data amounts up to tens of Petabytes, Acronis Storage has various other advantages. First of all, it allows quick data copying, deletion, and sharing, ensuring high transfer speeds, SSD caching and increased performance.

Secondly, it implements a simple organization scheme based on clusters containing fixed-size chunks, which are distributed to all the servers to ensure high data availability. The management panel is easy to work with and the system requirements are low, which allows your company to lower its costs.

Last but not least, the integrity of the user data is protected by the Acronis CloudRAID, which handles recovery issues. Furthermore, Acronis Notary features blockchain technology to encrypt data and check its authenticity.

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