Abacre Cash Register 5.2.0 Crack

Abacre Cash Register 5.2.0 Crack

Abacre Cash Register 5.2.0 Build 87 for Windows

Abacre Cash Register 5.2.0 Crack

Business software designed for common cash register operations, offering support for multiple currency formats and payment methods

Abacre Cash Register is an application destined for usual cash register operations, while also offering fast input of orders. It is optimized for preventing common mistakes and works with variety of hardware, in addition to including various customization features.

Well-organized interface

The application’s GUI (graphic user interface) is built to ensure efficiency in sales operations, as well as to deliver fast access to a variety of report types for better understanding of cash operations.

It can be customized with different color themes and panels, and also supports a variety of font types. Additionally, there are different views to choose from when it comes to menu items and categories.

Increased security via database encryption

The software comes with security features such as the password encryption of database files. Configuration files are encrypted as well.

Abacre Cash Register is suitable for use on multiple computers and provides secure authorization levels. Thus, it can be used by admins, managers, cashiers and other employees, each with access to specific functions.

Different payment methods and sales reports

The program accepts multiple payment methods, such as cash, checks, and credit cards. It also supports various currencies and number formats.

In addition to Z-Out Cash Drawer and Z-Out Retail Close reports, the software can provide info on sales for specific periods of time or categories, or details on the payment methods. It also delivers reports on sales by clients or items, along with info on collected sales tax.

Support for multiple order and item actions

With Abacre Cash Register, employees can perform a multitude of actions when it comes to orders. They can print bills, process credit-card payments in real time, delete or refund orders, or set discounts.

The app also offers support for various actions related to items. Thus, it makes it easy to add new entries, change the price of existing ones, or delete them.

Overall, Abacre Cash Register offers a comprehensive set of features designed for cash register operations and can easily prove a good option for those looking to better organize the sales process within their business.

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